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3/18/2023 10:12 am  #11

Re: True Wind Angle, Speed & Direction not Displaying

Antipodes wrote:

With an H5000 connected to Exp v11.18.4 thru websocket (NMEA2000) or wifi Zeus (NMEA0183), if i do not tick the TWA & TWS and TWD boxes, i get no true wind information displayed.When i tick the boxes,then i get the EXP calculated true wind, but these are slightly different to the B&G calculated (and calibrated true wind). I was of the understanding that the B&G true wind values should be dislayed and used in EXP if the calculation boxes are left unticked. I get nothing. Any help appreciated.

So --- websocket isn't NMEA2000... it's web socket... Are you using the Ethernet port on the H5000 or a NMEA2000 to USB or network converter?

Thre thing I would check is that you have the right incoming sentances enabled so that you can receive TWA...TWD.

Unless you have changed something on the B&G it should be providing true wind info either on the websocket.


3/18/2023 4:51 pm  #12

Re: True Wind Angle, Speed & Direction not Displaying

H5000 is connected direct to the computer with an ethernet cable. I can see TW data on the H5000 websocket page, so presume its coming out of the H5000. Im not sure where to enable the relevant incoming sentences in EXP for websocket. For NMEA0183 over the Zeus wifi, I have enabled all the sentences in the instrument tab.


3/18/2023 7:23 pm  #13

Re: True Wind Angle, Speed & Direction not Displaying

There seems to be some confusion here.

If you are using the websocket connection, then NMEA 2000 and 0183 aren't relevant - unless you have another connection for GPS, AIS etc data.

What does the TW data look like on the raw data window?


3/25/2023 7:53 pm  #14

Re: True Wind Angle, Speed & Direction not Displaying

Nick kindly took a look at the websocket data from the H5000 and noted that the TWD was in degrees true. (although I have magnetic selected)  I changed the heading source from the P9 compass to the ZG100 and that resolved the issue.
Will try to establish what is going on with the P9.


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