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5/12/2022 8:54 am  #1

Logging problems

Is anyone else having issues with logging?  My logs from last night are quite garbled and I can't use the playback feature on them.  It looks like a field number is being prepended to each value , moving everything out of place.  I compared it with a log file from last year and it looks completely different.
Did something change or did I mess up a setting ?

0 44692.73 256 0.000007 204 0.018697 162 -8.97477 161 53.24283 146 44692.73 51 0.6 50 16.8 49 -8.96733       


5/12/2022 12:43 pm  #2

Re: Logging problems

The log file format changed so you can now select which vars are logged.

Unfortunately, one version had a bug reading log files into Stripchart etc.

Update to the latest release and all will be ok.


5/13/2022 7:05 am  #3

Re: Logging problems

Happy to confirm that resolved the issue.  11.5.19 correctly supports the new logging format.

Thanks Nick

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5/20/2022 1:25 am  #4

Re: Logging problems

If it helps...

Facing the same issue I just noticed that deactivating "Logging boats" also deactivates logging for Boat0 (ourselves). I would think this is not expected.


5/20/2022 2:15 am  #5

Re: Logging problems

Yes, that is intentional.

I am not sure why someone wouldn't log data, but it has always been an option.


5/20/2022 8:37 am  #6

Re: Logging problems

I was thinking the same... hanece expected turning logging off, turns off the logging for OTHER boats but Boat0. Ah well, just a misunderstanding.


5/28/2022 11:07 am  #7

Re: Logging problems

Is possible to have the old logs format ? Any program to convert it?
I was so used to that files…..this update has ruined my excel macro done myself to calibrationshttps://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/cry.png


5/28/2022 3:22 pm  #8

Re: Logging problems

You can use the extract log data function on the Tools ribbon


5/29/2022 11:07 pm  #9

Re: Logging problems

Great!!!! thanks.


6/03/2022 8:27 pm  #10

Re: Logging problems

With version 11.15.16 I am still getting logging problems. If I log just lat and long, I get 48 in the lat column, then lat in next, then 49, then long.


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