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7/29/2019 6:19 am  #1

Nexus FDX Server connection

After Win10 upgrade I have a problem connecting Expedition via USB – RS232 cable to the Nexus FDX server. I found this link talking about the issue: Since this is my first post in this forum google for this link:
forums.sailinganarchy.com/ index.php?/ topic/135491-expedition-nexus-nx2-server-fdx-problems-with-wireless-serial/
My current work-around: I manually first connect the COM port as Garmin NX2 NMEA (and hit APPLY and then Wake) to get the data connection working at 4800 baud. I can then set the same COM port to Garmin NX2 FDX (and hit APPLY and Wake), and the data is coming in at the 19,200 baud FDX connection rate.
I would like the FDX server to automatically boot up in FDX mode instead of NMEA mode. The two links in the blog above don’t work.

Any suggestions?


7/29/2019 2:48 pm  #2

Re: Nexus FDX Server connection


It shouldn't make any difference. Exp should open the port at 4800 and tell it to switch to FDX mode when you select FDX.

Because you can open it in NMEA mode, then FDX I wonder if this is a driver issue for your USB-Serial device. You could try a different adaptor?

I think the only advantage over the NMEA mode is slightly faster data?

They were pointing people to the GND10 at one point.

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7/29/2019 2:59 pm  #3

Re: Nexus FDX Server connection

thanks for your reply.I think you are correct that the only difference between the NMEA and FDX modes is the data speed.That speed differential is very noticeable in the number boxes data display.

I get the same result with FTDI RS232-USB cable/driver and with a Prolific RS232-USB cable/driver.

The Expedition fails to connect straight using the Garmin NX2 FDX mode. Hiting APPLY and WAKE fail to establish a connection.

I saw somewhere online the NX2 Server command ($PSILFDX,,R) that supposedly switches the NX2 Server into FDX mode.

Can you confirm that command?
How can I send this command to the NX2 Server from Expedition?
Could you please elaborate on your GND10 comment.

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7/29/2019 3:24 pm  #4

Re: Nexus FDX Server connection

I will test with the FDX server today in case something has gone wrong at this end. Yes, the command is something like that. Exp should send it automatically.

I think the logic behind the start on FDX mode patch was to support a bluetooth adaptor with fixed baud rates.

The GND10 is Nexus network-NMEA 2000 adaptor. They made it after Nexus was bought by Garmin to smooth the migration to NMEA 2000. It has a USB connection that can send FDX data.


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