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11/21/2015 12:16 pm  #1

Will the Nobeltec IR2-hd2 work?

The manufacturers plate says "mds-8". 17" dome
Just want to make sure it will work with Expedition before I finish the purchase


11/21/2015 3:00 pm  #2

Re: Will the Nobeltec IR2-hd2 work?


​Is that one with an Ethernet cable from the dome? Some have an adaptor box between the done and the computer. It might be an MDS-8R.

If so, it should work. I have an MDS-9R connected to the test computer just now. It is just a larger version of the MDS-8R.

By default, the radar address is For this test, I just used a USB-Ethernet adaptor and set the address for the adaptor at It all seems to work nicely.

​We can give you a temporary key to test Exp with this radar.


11/21/2015 3:55 pm  #3

Re: Will the Nobeltec IR2-hd2 work?

Thanks for your reply.  I suspect the seller made a mistake and this is an mds-8
I'll know tomorrow
Follow-up question:  do I need an additional key to plug a compatible Ethernet radar if I already have a licensed copy of expedition?

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11/21/2015 9:08 pm  #4

Re: Will the Nobeltec IR2-hd2 work?


Just set up a network connection and select Koden MDS-1/8/9/10R from the list of instruments.

I know a couple of people have had problems with the 1R, but that could be different or they didn't set the network up properly.

Yes, no extra keys are required to connect to the Koden, just make sure you have the network adaptor set up correctly. I think the address of the radar can be changed, but is standard. I don't know if Nobeltec changes this. 


11/23/2015 11:58 am  #5

Re: Will the Nobeltec IR2-hd2 work?

Thanks, NIck.  It is indeed an MDS-8 with an RS422 serial interface.  I'll give it a test drive as soon unpack the box and can wire it up.  Any specific things to be aware of with Expedtiion and this model?

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11/24/2015 10:39 am  #6

Re: Will the Nobeltec IR2-hd2 work?


The old serial models will not work with Exp. I think they are quite old now.

Exp can only use the Ethernet capable ones. That is probably the difference between MDS-8 and MDS-8R


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12/12/2015 11:33 am  #7

Re: Will the Nobeltec IR2-hd2 work?

Thanks, Nick.  I am now the proud owner of an RB714A arraywith the MDS-5R ethernet interface box.  As best I can tell, it should be plug-and-play.

- Mark

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