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1/18/2022 5:07 am  #1

Buying C-Map charts

When i try to buy a 4d chart in the C-Map store i have the following issues:
I can go through the process of selecting the 4d chart I want and pressing Buy.
I can then add my billing information ETC and then when i press pay online
I then get a small window pop up with the following error:
An error has occurred in the script on this page
line: 2
Char: 32158
Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'AddEventListener'
Code: 0
URL: https://spg.evopayments.eu/pay/js/jquery-3.5.1.min.js

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page yes/no

I press yes and this follows:

Line: 17
Char: 9
Error: The value of property '$' is null or undefined, not a function object
Code: 0
Url: https://spg.evopayments.eu/pay/payssl.aspx?MerchantID=pg_40731&Len=1192&Data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

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page yes/no

I press yes and i get 

Line: 0
Char: 0
Error: Script error
Code: 0
URL: https://seal.digicert.com/seals/cascade/seal.min.js

after pressing yes again I get the Credit card verification screen.

I fill this out correctly and press confirm and then i get a blank page that never does anything however long i wait.

I have also tried copying the Url from the second error and filling out the card verification which atleast gets me a transaction declined message.

It doesnt seem to matter whether i press yes or no when prompted i still get to the card verification and then a blank screen.

Please help I need the C-Map 4d chart for St Barthes.


1/18/2022 7:25 am  #2

Re: Buying C-Map charts

I can't help you directly but maybe these two threads will shead some light or someone else can chime in...



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1/18/2022 12:56 pm  #3

Re: Buying C-Map charts

It will be something in the C-map system interacting with the web browser on your computer.

What is your web browser?

Have you tried with and without 'Use default web browser' selected in Expedition?



1/18/2022 1:01 pm  #4

Re: Buying C-Map charts

Thanks Nick,
This seems to have worked, although the C-map website seems to be declining all my cards

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1/18/2022 2:25 pm  #5

Re: Buying C-Map charts


I have heard of that before. Unfortunately, you will need to contact C-Map support.



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4/14/2022 2:08 pm  #6

Re: Buying C-Map charts

FYI - I had the same problem.  The solution was to call C-map support.   It took 3 days for support to figure it out.  Bottom line, they sent me a invoice, which I paid and I had to send them the Chart license request key and then they sent me the key.
It took awhile, but it now works.


4/27/2022 5:10 am  #7

Re: Buying C-Map charts

Same problem here, US based support couldn't figure it out, had to get the office in Italy to send an invoice to do an international e-transfer, it was a difficult exercise, its how their payment processing system is setup.


4/28/2022 6:52 am  #8

Re: Buying C-Map charts

There is a chronic issue with the CMAP store payment system with purchases stuck as INIT or FAILED.

You will need to contact cmap cust services here: +39 0584 186 0211. Or email eu-customersupport@c-map.com

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