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5/28/2019 7:19 pm  #1

Ping marks H5000 and Expedition

Maybe this can be done, but I don't think so.  Someone lead me to the light if it can.
If you have B&G5000,  a B&G Graphic Display and an MOB button linked to B&G, pressing the MOB button changes the graphic display to MOB screen, and puts an MOB position into Expedition, thereby changing Expedition's Mark Range and Bearing data to the MOB position.
What I'd like is to be able to interchange start marks information between the graphic display and Expedition when pinged.  I don't much care on which technology the ping is initiated.


5/28/2019 7:37 pm  #2

Re: Ping marks H5000 and Expedition

If you have the Send Start events option enabled, Exp should send the ends when you ping them to the H5, similarly to the timer.

If you don't have the option selected, Exp will accept data from the H5.


5/29/2019 1:05 am  #3

Re: Ping marks H5000 and Expedition

Damn fine, will try tomorrow.  Still caught between the programming world of WTPs and the point n' shoot world of H5000.  When will opensource WTP4 arrive?

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