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6/01/2023 5:50 am  #1

Expedition v11.19.8

Updating to 11.19.8 from 11.19.2 appears to take a massive performance hit; disabling auto-charts somewhat cures it, but at least on this older laptop (dual core i5, 8gb of memory, windows 10) it is all but unusable. Additionally, creating race notes seems to completely crash the system, as do several other tasks. For now I have reverted to 11.19.2, which is much better, but still a bit iffy. Beyond upgrading the machine (on the to-do list, but not a this week option), what can be done to improve performance within Expedition?


6/01/2023 6:30 am  #2

Re: Expedition v11.19.8

Quick update: it is pretty clear that the issue is rendering charts on this older machine; OpenCPN seems to handle the NOAA RNC's just fine, while Expedition struggles with them, even more so with the NOAA ENC's. Is there a chart product that is known to be noticeably faster? Otherwise running a synoptic chart as a base map or the base earth map are much much more useable, at least in 11.19.2. I know there was a change in 11.19.3 for auto-charting, maybe that impacted older machines lacking newer graphics cards?

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6/01/2023 12:49 pm  #3

Re: Expedition v11.19.8

There was a change to how Exp handles images in the GPU. Possibly this is the isue, but I suspect not and it seems ok on older computers here.

You could try the Expedition System restore in case there is an issue.


6/01/2023 5:46 pm  #4

Re: Expedition v11.19.8

That could possibly be the issue on this older Lenovo T450s.

I'll play with a full cleanup and reinstall next week to see if that improves things.

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6/05/2023 8:13 pm  #5

Re: Expedition v11.19.8

I’ve had a similar problem since updating to 11.19.8. No performance hit, but i have had an error message and expedition crashes when trying to modify marks.

“ Unable to save the marks database: C:\ProgramData\Expedition\Marks.dat

Encountered a sharing violation while


C:\ProgramData\Expedition\Marks.dat “

I have checked Windows preferences on the program data folder, and administrator settings in user management.


6/05/2023 8:30 pm  #6

Re: Expedition v11.19.8

That suggests you don't have write access to the marks.dat file.

Possibly also the data folder.


6/06/2023 11:22 am  #7

Re: Expedition v11.19.8

Thanks Nick, that seems to have been the problem.


6/08/2023 1:28 pm  #8

Re: Expedition v11.19.8

I'm running Exp4D, C-Map4D on Windows 11.  Exp loads, initializes charts and instruments, but hangs on "loading tides & currents" for maybe 10 seconds and then crashes with no error message.

I've tried repairing Exp, deleting and reinstalling Exp, and deleting the entire Expedition folder in Program apps, but it's clear Expedition is leaving configuration information somewhere because it always comes back to the same configuration screen when it tries to boot.  The system was working fine, but I had to delete and reload a C-Map chart and since then clearly Exp is having problems with some configuration data or whatever on the system.

Any advice on how to wipe Exp and all supporting configuration files completely off the PC so I can start all over with a clean, default installation?

Thank you!


6/08/2023 2:20 pm  #9

Re: Expedition v11.19.8

Use the System Restore tool that comes with Exp.


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