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3/28/2023 8:06 pm  #1



I posted an update this morning. It has some useful additions.

1. NOAA RAP for areas such as Cabo that HRRR doesn't cover.
2. Improved Iridium GO integration,
3. YB Tracking downloads can be just a single click operation.
4. Mercator currents are now hourly to 7 days.
5. Lots of other small improvements.

Note that Exp no longer works on Windows 7 or 8 - do not update if you are using that, although the installer shouldn't let you ...


4/26/2023 12:38 pm  #2

Re: 11.18.7

Can you post a link to download 11.18.6 for those of us still running Win7 (eek!).  Thanks!


4/26/2023 1:24 pm  #3

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