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3/10/2023 2:01 pm  #1

Format of the Boatids file?

In working with the Boatid file, I have not found a easy way to download the handicaps, but I did figure out that if I edit the boatid file in a spreadsheet and add the class and handicap i could reload the file and have those values populated. I have not figured out the format of the start times and polar file name.  For example Cabo and Transpac have multiple start times and days.
Next question, what's the format of the file for loading all of the fields?  Can it be done?
For example,
boatID, boat name, Class, handicap, start time, Pol %, polar file.



3/10/2023 2:28 pm  #2

Re: Format of the Boatids file?

Just the fields listed in the help



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