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3/01/2023 8:48 am  #1

Color and neme AIS targets

I have added our opponents’ MMSI and now I can add them in number boxes. But it now says ‘boat6 cog’ can I name the boat?

Also any way to quickly find them on the map? Maybe have them color instead of the usual green or red? Or a find function?



3/01/2023 9:59 am  #2

Re: Color and neme AIS targets

In settings > user you can rename the boats and change their colours, and you can also change the colour in the same menu you put the MMSI number. 

Dont use the number boxes. There is a boat tracking window. Its much better. 


3/01/2023 1:05 pm  #3

Re: Color and neme AIS targets

Thanks! That’s what I was looking for.

I tried the boat tracking but I only have AIS targets and tracking seems to work only with imported data? Am I missing something?

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3/01/2023 2:26 pm  #4

Re: Color and neme AIS targets

You can rename boats on the User settings page.


3/01/2023 5:47 pm  #5

Re: Color and neme AIS targets

Thanks Nick, got that.

Is there any way to find the boats on the map, like color it or something?

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