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6/07/2022 7:51 am  #1

Using the Yellow Brick Tracker to follow a race

Step #1:  Find the short name used by YB to identify the race (example rbi2022, rolexs2h2021, plyw2022)  Often you can get the code from the race organisers or just work it out.  You will be able to view the race directly on the YB website with the same code - (e.g  http://yb.tl/rolexs2h2021 )
Step #2:  Under menu option Sail, Click on YB Tracking.  Enter the YB code in the box provided

Step #3:  First time here, select Update Boat IDs and Update Handicaps (if appropriate).  Click Download
Step #4:  Back on the Sail menu, click on Boats.  You should see the list of all boats participating in the race.  Click Auto Color to brighten things up!    
Step #5:  Choose a boat to be the reference boat.  Normally this would be your own boat, or if observing remotely, just pick a boat you are specifcally interested in.  If you dont pick a reference boat, the other boats will not display.  Pick a boat by clicking on the reference column.  Click OK
Step #6  Click Tracking.  You may get a blank screen.  Click View All.  Now you will see the tracked boats and the latest position reported.
Step #7:  Make sure the tracking display is enabled under settings->display->Tracking

So why cant you see the boats tracked on the chart view?  Because you only have one position for each boat.  You need at least before you can see their track.  Go away for an hour or two. Click YB Tracking again and Download.  Now you should see all boats tracked by color.

To receive the updates by email, you can use Saildocs.  It returns a text file which you can save to the tracking folder (under Expedition Data).  But this requires that you send an email for each update required.

What you probably want is to set up a mechanism to automatically download the position file every hour. 
YB nas an 'email auto responder' providing a mechanism for subscriptions to a regular update for the race.

Email Auto-Responder 

Create an email to: rbni2022@race.yb.tl   (replace rbni2022 with your race identifier) 
Use the following as a subject: expedition. 

If you'd like the data in the body of an email (rather than as an attachment), include the word 'body' in the subject. e.g: Subject: body expedition

If you'd like to subscribe for regular reports, finish the subject with 0.5, 1, 3, 4, 6, 12 or 24 hours.

e.g:Subject: expedition 1

When you wish to stop your subscription, send an email to: rbni2022@race.yb.tl with STOP as the subject.

Handling the email attachments
How you extract that attachment and place it in the Expedition Data folder will depend on your email client.  I use Thunderbird email client along with an extension called Filaquila!  I create a filter for the emails being received from yb, specificy an action that extracts the attachments and places them in the tracking folder.

Then within Expedition, look for Scheduler in the main drop down menu.  There you can tell Expedition to monitor the tracking folder for new files.  It will then automatically update the tracking as new files arrive.

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6/27/2022 7:15 am  #2

Re: Using the Yellow Brick Tracker to follow a race

I used the YB auto response email and the same process outlined in the previous post on wx gribs; worked great, we had hourly YB updates sitting in the Airmail mailbox at 10 min past the hour


6/27/2022 7:18 am  #3

Re: Using the Yellow Brick Tracker to follow a race

How did you get Expedition to "import" the file? There is no import in the YB tracking dialog that I saw. 


6/27/2022 9:19 am  #4

Re: Using the Yellow Brick Tracker to follow a race

It's right there on the Sail>Tracking window top right hand.


7/02/2022 4:12 am  #5

Re: Using the Yellow Brick Tracker to follow a race

I hate the race tracking...
newport-bermuda had it live, every 15 minutes!
that would be painful over the Go.., you really need a FBB setup or something similar
but who wants to spend the whole race downloading tracking updates?
for sure.., when you take a break from it, something important will happen...
there should be at least a one hour delay except maybe near the finish


7/02/2022 5:31 am  #6

Re: Using the Yellow Brick Tracker to follow a race

We used the YB provided auto-email feature set for 1 hour.
At 10 after each hour the email was in the Airmail Inbox waiting...no problem.

FBB is nice but some owners aren't willing to spring for it.  In this one area (YB) I thought the IridiumGo worked fine once we figured out how to use it.


12/18/2022 4:42 am  #7

Re: Using the Yellow Brick Tracker to follow a race

About Thunderbird and email action automation :
The extension is FiltaQuilla

Go in the extension management, and click on the wench to:
1) select the actions you want to perform
here : detach a file and have ne nice sound

2) select the criteria 
here based on mail header (from, to, ....) and mail object

Then, to create a automation :
Go in the menu Message > Tool > Message Filter (or Message > Create a filter from a message when you have selected a relevant message). and create an new filter
Here, I select message from greatcircle, detach the grib file and play a sound.

Nota : Since some release, menu a now in a burger menu on the top right of the screen, just below the X to close the program

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