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8/11/2022 11:42 am  #1

Windows laptop is slow with ENCs


I have a Panasonic toughbook CF-31 that I purchased in November 2017 with the following specs:
Intel Core i5-3320M 2.6 GHz
128 GB SSD
Windows 7
Intel HD Graphics 4000 (tried to update from 2012 driver, but not working...likely outdated)

ENCs run super slow.  Cmap if fast, but I use ENCs for coastal NE U.S. sailing. 

Anything I can do to speed up Expedition on this unit?  If not, what type of specs should I be looking for in a replacement to ensure fast scrolling/zooming/etc.?



8/11/2022 12:10 pm  #2

Re: Windows laptop is slow with ENCs

Windows 7 is long obsolete now and I am surprised Exp still works on it. Even Win8 is obsolete now.

The next release is a little faster with ENCs, but not enough to make enough difference for you.

You could turn off the Quilting option in chart settings. Also, if RNCs are an option, they are a lot faster.

With Win11, we normally remommend a minimumof 8GB. I think 16GB is better as Windows will use most of the 8GB is allowed. The Intel graphics are generally more reliable I find.


8/11/2022 1:12 pm  #3

Re: Windows laptop is slow with ENCs

Thanks, Nick.  Glad I could show everybody that Exp works on Windows 7.  I feel like, finally, I've contributed to the Exp community!

Will toggle the quilting option.  But probably will upgrade to current Windows and 16 GB RAM. 

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