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7/24/2022 5:59 pm  #1

Pushing Next Mark data to H5000

We've upgraded from an H2 to an H5000 setup, and a few things aren't as seamless as they used to be.  There's also some Zeus 3 plotters now, which I think are causing some issues.

I can push the next mark info to the H5000 via the actisense connection onto the bus, but it doesn't seem to work with the websocket?  The websocket's H5000 settings have "send navigation data" ticked.  Should it work?  In that case, I presume that the H5000's source for navigation should be itself?  But it only shows off or the Zeus (or actisense)

With the actisense as the nav source, it seems that the waypoint will never show on the plotter.  (It's the Zeus way or the highway?)

To have the plotter's instruments view show next mark data, I have to edit the fields and specify the actisense nav source, per field.  Which will be interesting when people are just using the plotter for delivery, rather than Expedition.  We're going to have to have separate pages for whichever source?  (The h5000 displays show the right info.)

Do I have any of this wrong?



7/24/2022 9:04 pm  #2

Re: Pushing Next Mark data to H5000

The Websocket and NMEA 2000 connections aren't linked in any way, at least at the Expedition end.

If Exp sends nav data to 5000 with the websocket, then the H5000 regards Exp as the navigation source. What happens after that is unknown ...

I don't know how well H500 works with other Navico hardware futher down the network. 


7/26/2022 4:02 pm  #3

Re: Pushing Next Mark data to H5000

Hmm, thanks Nick.  I'll have another look and test it out further.

With both the websocket and actisense connected, is there a way to specify what data I want to receive via the websocket?  i.e. If the H5's websocket is sending non-damped data, but the n2k data is damped, that's going to cause the same data to jump around isn't it?

Or might the suggestion be to just use the actisense generally?


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7/26/2022 5:22 pm  #4

Re: Pushing Next Mark data to H5000

Normally you would use the Actisense for GPS and the Websocket for everything B&G related.

I presume the N2k data isn't damped either.


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