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5/17/2022 7:00 pm  #1

C-map Display Trouble

I have had trouble with C-map NT charts since installed in 2018. Always thought I had something wrong in settings, but I'm starting to think it is the chart. The problems I experience are common throughout Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Areas with local insets seem fine, but the depths on the greater chart area are wildly incorrect.

Has anyone had similar experience, or am I doing something wrong?

My local area displays normally when zoomed out:

But the chart looks wrong when zoomed in one level:

The ENC chart, for reference, shows the situation correctly:

And for what it's worth, the newest generation of "RevealX" from the chart viewer on the C-map website seems to have trouble with the same area:



5/17/2022 11:41 pm  #2

Re: C-map Display Trouble

That must be a nice part of the world. We only ever sailed past in the Mac race or Harbor Springs.

If you scale in to the next ENC (Petosky, Harbor Springs, Traverse City etc), it shows similar a similar disjoint around the cell.


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