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1/31/2022 10:08 am  #1

Harmonie Grib Files - corrupt?


I use the Harmonie Grib files a lot for the North Sea area in Europe.
Lately, it looks like the files downloaded through Expedition are corrupt (rain numbers, especially - sometimes it shows over 130 mm/h...)
I don't know if this is an Expedition issue or that the files themself are actually corrupt.
(Downloading the grib files from another source results in the same problem).

Many thanks!



1/31/2022 10:39 am  #2

Re: Harmonie Grib Files - corrupt?


It could be Expedition. Some work was recently done on accumulations (mostly rainfall) and some centres handle accumulation in unexpected ways.

I will investigate ...


1/31/2022 10:49 pm  #3

Re: Harmonie Grib Files - corrupt?

Looks like the scale for rain in the meteogram is not correct anymore (e.g. for today it looks like we het 2500 mm rain per hour).
Wind and MSLP look OK to me.

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1/31/2022 11:20 pm  #4

Re: Harmonie Grib Files - corrupt?


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2/17/2022 3:58 am  #5

Re: Harmonie Grib Files - corrupt?

Thanks, Harmony works fine now.
I noted the same problem with the ICON-D2 model.....

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