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9/24/2015 5:54 pm  #1

Displaying course data

I am still relatively new to Expedition and am struggling with how to get the course data to display properly.  I have set the start time and the course optimization gives me results that I expect, but the course window shows only the "from", "to" "range" and "bearing" fields.  Under the "sail" field it shows the same sail for all legs, and the ETA is the current time for all legs. How do I get the course pane to properly display the sail selection, as well as to complete the other fields (TWA, AWA, etc.)?  I am not currently connected to the boats instrument system and am trying to plan a weekend race.  Oh yes, I am running V10.1.2


9/24/2015 9:42 pm  #2

Re: Displaying course data


The course pane is someth​ing different from the route optimisation. It uses the active course and the winds from your boat instruments.



9/24/2015 10:06 pm  #3

Re: Displaying course data


Try clicking on Simulate in the Playback menu ribbon.  Then you will see some random data for boatspeed, wind speed etc.  This will give you some values in the course window.  Not accurate of course and just for example purposes.  Without real data coming from your instruments, Expedition cannot calculate your ETA, sail, wind angle etc.

If you want to see your optimized course - i.e. what course should you sail for your race given the forecast weather, then click on Results in the Optimize Ribbon.  Click on one of the time fields on the left hand side - you will see something like this:


Maybe that is what you were expecting to see?



9/25/2015 3:28 am  #4

Re: Displaying course data

Thank you all!  Makes sense now...

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