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12/07/2021 7:51 pm  #1

PredictWind Offshore YB Tracking Import

The current version of PredictWind Offshore has the ability to download and display YB tracking data via Satellite, ie Iridium Go.  Is it possible to add a function to use this cached data as import to Race Tracking in Expedition.

The format looks different to any of the existing formats available for manual input, its something like a BoatId file in JSON (YBTracking-YB-Rally), and a file for each boat ID (YBTracking-Track-<ID>-Follow)



12/08/2021 3:58 am  #2

Re: PredictWind Offshore YB Tracking Import

You can request YB data with Saildocs format:

Send https://yb.tl/caborace2021-boatids.txt
Send https://yb.tl/caborace2021-expedition.txt
using IridiumGo

Also a feature on the Sail tab> YB Tracking> Saildocs



12/08/2021 11:34 am  #3

Re: PredictWind Offshore YB Tracking Import

Yes, that is the best solution.

Alternatively, you could get them to put it in the normal YB JSON format.


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