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11/07/2021 6:26 pm  #1

Running out of Memory

Okay, so I want to run some routes from Annapolis to Bermuda using historical NAM analysis.  The problem is the NAM files from NOAA cover the full scope of the forecast, so each file is 50MB+.  I can load about 2.5 days of gribs, before I get an "Out of Memory" message from Expedition.  2.5 days of gribs is 10 files / 534MB total.  I have 16 GB of RAM.  One way to solve the problem would be to somehow edit the NAM files to the area of interest.  I have no idea how to do that.  Maybe more RAM would help, but I'm not sure that will solve the issue either.  Any thoughts?


11/07/2021 10:52 pm  #2

Re: Running out of Memory

The problem is the 32 bit memory limit after decompressing the grib data.

I do have a 64 version for that overcomes this, but it isn't fully tested etc. Email me.


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