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10/20/2021 7:29 am  #1

No popup windows, then freeze

Hi Nick,

   I have a strange issue w/ Expedition on my Mesa2:
Whenever a "popup window" should open, it doesn't show. However, since the main window is locked, I am completely locked out and the only way is to end task and restart. This only happens on my Mesa2 same Exp version on the boat laptop is fine.

To reproduce:
1) Click Marks > edit marks. A new window "Marks management" should open. Not so on the Mesa2, however, now the main window is locked and clicking anywhere does not trigger a reaction. Just as if the window was there.
2) Click on number box > click cogwheel. A new window "Numbers" should open. Not so on the Mesa2, ... see above.
The only way out as said is task manager > end task.

This happens with Windows in Desktop mode or in Tablet mode. No difference.
Any ideas?

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10/20/2021 12:00 pm  #2

Re: No popup windows, then freeze

Try the Expedition System restore app.

Probably the Delete Display State option,.


10/21/2021 8:09 am  #3

Re: No popup windows, then freeze

Hi Nick,

   I was able to further narrow down the problem:
It only appears when receiving data input from a network interface.
- I am connected to the boat wifi, Number Instrument = 0. Exp works as to be expected.
- I setup a network instrument to receive data and Exp becomes sluggish in general plus the above mentioned behaviour.
- It doesn't matter if I setup H5000 websocket or connect to the boat laptop via Exp interface. On the latter it doesn't matter if UDP or TCP.
- When Exp is "frozen" I turn of the wifi and with in seconds the lagging window pops up and Exp works as expected - just no data. I reconnect and the above behaviour appears again.

What du you think? With Middle Sea Race around the corner it'd be great to resolve this somehow.
Thank you for your help!!!

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10/21/2021 10:12 am  #4

Re: No popup windows, then freeze


Did you try the Expedition System Restore app?

Note that you can back up settings from the menu at the top left of Expedition.

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10/22/2021 4:18 am  #5

Re: No popup windows, then freeze

Hi Nick,

I deleted window states and Exp registry. Then reloaded the registry -> same issue.
I deleted the above again and re-configured all manually ... it feels marginally better but the issue remain:
No network data and the Mesa2 is nice and fast, network data on and it becomes really sluggish, some time "not responding" for multiple minutes, plus the above window problem?!

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10/22/2021 4:19 am  #6

Re: No popup windows, then freeze

I might add: The Mesa2 itself is still as responsive as beofre .. just not Expedition.

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10/22/2021 1:17 pm  #7

Re: No popup windows, then freeze

 I know someone else had a similar problem on his Mesa recently, but I don't know what the solution was. Have emailed you.
I would recommend deleting all the registry settings, either manually or with regedit. You could also delete/move the Exp data folder in case something is broken in there.
Which Exp version? If not the latest …
Also, check drivers etc are up to date.
What sort of charts?


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