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9/27/2021 2:14 am  #1

temporary loss of network data

Probably not a Expedition issue but I have this problem that the connection with the network is lost from time to time. 
The data is lost somtimes after 5 seconds, sometimes the connection is lost after a few minutes. But there is never a steady connection.
Connection is re-establisshed instantly after hitting the "instruments re-connect button".

Would anyone know hoe to solve this problem?
The network has always worked very well.

Maybe a router pproblem?

Many thanks!


9/27/2021 10:32 pm  #2

Re: temporary loss of network data

I have had a similar problem which I believe is caused when the router/modem loses the internet connection.  It seems that the modem is busy trying to find service and misses processing the internal tcp/ip traffic which results in expedition disconnected.  I had the same problem with both wifi and hard wired connections.

It would be good if Expedition would automatically reconnect after a predefined period of time.  


9/29/2021 9:42 pm  #3

Re: temporary loss of network data

The websocket reconnection seems to be more reliable.

I've been looking at it today and found a case where it doesn't attempt to reconnect. I have fixed that and made the behaviour closer to the websocket for the next update.


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