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5/05/2016 2:34 am  #1

Garmin GNX, Wifi & expedition

I am racing a farr30 - I have just upgraded all electronics to Garmin, so far really happy compared to what we had (old shitty NKE system partially working half the time)
I have also purchased expedition in hope that we can understand more about our performance and want to connect the thing to our instruments and send data on deck. When we are sailing everyone is hiking so we cant really use expedition downstairs. We need to both connect expedition to the N2K buss, and broadcast on a wifi so our tactician can use Ventus on the rail and our navigator can use ipad and remote desktop on long distance races

I se there is many options, however i want as few boxes as possible..
Anyone using this thing?

I am thinking that if i connect this using usb to ly laptop, then expedition should be able to stream data back to the nk2 buss on wifi - but i would get a feedback loop in expedition if i was to receive n2k on wifi? should i connect the computer to the wifi, and let expedition stream data back to the wifi and to the n2k buss? Or should i bite a bullet, buy the Actisence n2K to usb and the wifi box? 

happy sailing


5/05/2016 2:30 pm  #2

Re: Garmin GNX, Wifi & expedition

NMEA 2000 doesn't really lend itself to wireless connections.

I think you will find the Digital Yacht device converts the N2k data to NMEA 0183. In which case, you lose the ability to send the Garmin custom data to the GNX120/130 displays.

The DMK Wifi adaptor does send native N2k data, but can't send it back to the network as far as I know.

Probably the only real solution in this case is to use the NGT-1 to the computer, then use Ventus or RDP to a tablet depending on the need. 


5/06/2016 12:49 am  #3

Re: Garmin GNX, Wifi & expedition

@nick - thanks for your info - ill get the NGT-1 as it seems its what most people are using.

out of curiosity - (being a fellow software developer) is there a way to swap the access out with ms sql server using a sql connection string? Then i could have my dev team  build a cube on top of it and it would probably run faster as well

happy sailing

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5/06/2016 1:55 pm  #4

Re: Garmin GNX, Wifi & expedition

Hello,​Unfortunately, it isn't possible at present. Fwiw, the Access format was initially chosen so people could use it with office.Nick


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