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7/10/2021 8:36 pm  #21

Re: C-Maps Error

I have posted an update that partially mitigates this issue with C-Map so that C-Map 4D initialisation occurs before any weather data is read.

Expedition handles memory limitations better.


7/26/2021 10:56 am  #22

Re: C-Maps Error

Hi Everyone,

Since this is my first post some introduction; I am a quiet reader of this forum for a while now but a frequent user of Expedition on a little racing yacht and I thought the following might help.

I have the same issue and it appears sometimes but not always one of the PCs in use. I figured out that I can solve it by running Expedition in the compatibility mode for Windows XP. Please don't ask me why and what other implication it has on Expedition, but it might help someone. 

Maybe the following also helps to further identify the issue, since there have been some earlier discussions in another thread that it might be related to the gpu used in the PC. I am using one C-Map account and running expedition on two ThinkPads with Windows 10 Pro but only have issues on one, the one with the problem discussed above is a P1 with a NVIDIA Quatro T1000 the other one an X1 with Intel UHD graphics 620....


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