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7/08/2021 3:12 pm  #1

AIS not working AIS port 'closed'

running Em-Track AIS with USB cable link to Del rough laptop
computor device manager and AISPro states it is using Com port 4

when i  open Com port 4 in expedition instrumets it states
"AIS Tranciever Class B Trancier, Closed"

how do i open the port so AIS data is recieved (and diesplayed)  in Expedition?

thx in anticpation



7/08/2021 4:20 pm  #2

Re: AIS not working AIS port 'closed'

Only one app can open a port as a time.


7/08/2021 9:40 pm  #3

Re: AIS not working AIS port 'closed'

many thanks - has ProAIS running at same time, shut it down and yep, AIS now working in Expeditiin
idoit error on my part

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7/08/2021 9:42 pm  #4

Re: AIS not working AIS port 'closed'

Btw, that is one reason for the broadcast option in Expedition - it can forward incoming data to a UDP for any other application to use.


7/08/2021 11:12 pm  #5

Re: AIS not working AIS port 'closed'

UDP.? .. now that'sabove me pay grade :-)

but every days a learning day

am i correct you have put predict wind option back in - many thanks  (was listening to Cambpell last last briefing on stmal o race and he was happily using it)



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