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7/06/2021 2:09 am  #1

Connecting to Predictwind

I am having trouble to connecting to predict wind now.
Get a bad request message every time I try to download a PWG or PWE file.
Check VT get "unable to obtain grib data from internet even with good connection


7/06/2021 3:19 am  #2

Re: Connecting to Predictwind

That implies you don't have an internet connection. Also check the internet settings in Exp. For home use, these will probably be 'Network' and 'Use Windows settings'


7/07/2021 7:59 pm  #3

Re: Connecting to Predictwind

No all those settings are ok and my internet connection is good for everything else
I might try my predictwind account to see if there is an error

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7/07/2021 8:49 pm  #4

Re: Connecting to Predictwind

I presume you have tried (eg) Saildocs?


7/10/2021 8:52 pm  #5

Re: Connecting to Predictwind

yeah. thanks Nick
Everything else works. Checked and it was a predictwind issue at their end so all good !


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