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6/28/2021 4:26 am  #1

Tide model with contour

Is there a way to view the tidal models with contour enabled?
It seems that the tidal models tend to follow the current settings in the current weather view. However, it doesn't seem to follow the contour setting only the arrows and scaling.

Is there a way to view the tidal modelling in contour?
Also is there a way to view the tidal modelling and smaller steps than the gribs loaded (short of manually setting the time?).

I use winning tides in the solent and would really like to view in contour and step every 15min or so...



7/02/2021 6:53 am  #2

Re: Tide model with contour

Nick -- any feedback on this? Have I missed an option somewhere or is this something that could be changed in a future release?

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7/02/2021 12:07 pm  #3

Re: Tide model with contour

It isn't implemented. I think I looked at it once, but it didn't look very good.


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