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6/22/2021 11:17 am  #1

Problems with GRIBS

I have just upgraded to Exp v11.10.5 and have problems with for example ICON_DENMARK gribs that I download.
I can download fine, add the file in WxData>Settings>Weather data window. I can check the box that I want to use this model. So far so good.

But when I try to use the model nothing is visible. Meteogram is empty or rather cannot be opened at all.

When I go back into
WxData>Settings>Weather data window, the model has been automatically unchecked. I check it again and the whole thing repeats itself.
The check in the checkbox does not stick.

Same problem with BSH current forecasts.

Everything works fine with the EX_GFS_11_... model though.

I have tried exactly the same problematic Grib files (ICON_DENMARK and BSH)  with Exp v10.14.5 and there they work perfectly fine.

What is wrong?

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6/22/2021 12:44 pm  #2

Re: Problems with GRIBS

Thanks for the data. I can see the problem – it is related to some recent checks I added to the grib decoder.
Will investigate today and fix ...


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