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6/20/2021 10:19 pm  #1

Best grib file models for east coast Australia

Having upgraded to the latest expedition version 11 I see predict wind is out of favour.
I see now there are other choices such as squid and even the expedition grib link
My question is which are the best weather grib models to compare for east coast Australia.


6/20/2021 10:50 pm  #2

Re: Best grib file models for east coast Australia

Whichever is best on the day and what sort of detail you need.

For the big scale things, you have GFS, ICON, UM, GDPS etc all at levels close to 1/10 degree.

Access is good, but expensive and more complicated to get.

The Expedition WRFs are generally surprisingly good. They are based on the GFS.

The PW models may still have their place for thermal effects. They are a lot less detailed than the WRF, but do cover more areas.


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