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6/18/2021 1:06 am  #1

Decimal places of Exp. remote channels on H5000

Is there a way to change the decimal places of the expedition remote channels that are displayed on the B&G H5000 graphic displays?
I‘m sending mark bearing via Expedition remote channel through Ethernet to the H5000 websocket.
In Expedition settings / Channels the decimal places are set to 0. Mark bearing inside Expedition is shown correctly without decimal places.
But on the cockpit displays Mark bearing always shows 2 decimal places. So for example a bearing of 200deg is shown as 200.00.
As the number gets quite long it’s scaled smaller on the display wich makes it harder to read.
2deg is shown as 2.00, which from a distance might be read as 200..
As I already set the decimal places to 0 in Expedition this might be a setting to make inside the h5000. But I haven’t found a way to change the decimal places there.
Did anybody experience the same and found a solution ?


6/18/2021 1:37 am  #2

Re: Decimal places of Exp. remote channels on H5000

Unfortunately, I don't think there is.

Setting the precision in Exp doesn't affect the H5000.


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