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6/14/2021 1:42 pm  #1

Optimal route not showing MOTOR in results

I updated to 11.10.5 today and get unexpected optimal route results when "Motor if speed below minimum sailing speed" is checked. This is over a 90 mile course with 5-10kts wind forecast in the grib - I (sadly) expect to motor.

Running a route with with it checked, motor speed of 7kts, and min sailing speed of 7kts results in a 12 hour trip with 00s motoring time. The Mode column in results always says "Sail". Can you check if the results panel is incorporating this motor option correctly?

Other options I tried:
Changing min sailing speed from 7kts to 15 kts increases the delivery time about an hour - suspect it is switching some stretches from SAIL to MOTOR, but not showing that in results.

Unchecking "Motor..." box increases the trip duration by 30% and changes the route from rhumbline to points of sail looking for downwind VMG - what I would expect if we tried to sail.


6/14/2021 2:03 pm  #2

Re: Optimal route not showing MOTOR in results

I made some changes to improve the motor flag in the results.

I have just tested it and the isochronal seems ok, but it isn't showing in the table for the grid routing. I don't often use the grid algorithm now.

Update: Now fixed.

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