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5/26/2021 8:00 am  #1

Weather Models - Ensemble

Hello all
I just updated expedition for the reason of accessing the HRRRX (48 hour model).  Works great.  However, now I cannot find any of the ensemble models in NOAA.  Am I missing something?
Is this gone for good?
I've heard that there is a way to get it through Squid, but have not done that yet.  Any other options?
Ensemble is something that I always used for route planning prior to any race and it's a bummer not to have it.
Thank you.


5/26/2021 1:29 pm  #2

Re: Weather Models - Ensemble

Yes, it has been deleted form the Exp interface. I try to discourage people from using that as NOAA has limited resources to distribute data over it.

Squid may be the best way just now, although I my add it to the Exp grib server. I never use it, so the incentive isn't as high.


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