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5/22/2021 1:21 pm  #11

Re: Weather Pallet in Weather

Thanks for input and had some effect of changing the Numbered Pallet for weather. Well, I took a intro course for Expedition from Will Oxley and he reviewed the weather pallet. You go to weather >the number on the pallet > settings > chose your item like wind 10m > double click on wind10m, then you set up the parameters the way you want > then label the tool-tip to Wind > click ok and you done. Now, I need to know how I want them to look. Lots of learning. So when you put the curser over the number it will tell you what you're looking at.  


5/22/2021 1:34 pm  #12

Re: Weather Pallet in Weather

There are also some default settings available for them to get you started.


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