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5/20/2021 7:28 pm  #1

Raymarine Axiom/i70's displaying routing/navigation data

Been playing with this and issue I have noted are as follows
- Cannot send route over network to Axiom (I am connected by USB to Vesper XB-8000 which is N2K to ST NG network)
- Navigation information anomalies - eg XTE displays reversed - if I am right of the rhumb shows as left.  Intermittently displays on i70`s, but not reliably
- Some data like DTW, BTW etc does display on the Axiom and i70`s

From experience, all this displays well on B&G Zeus and Garmin jumbos, but curious as to why the incompatibility with Raymarine.

has anyone had any luck with Raymarine Axiom/i series interfacing ?


5/20/2021 8:20 pm  #2

Re: Raymarine Axiom/i70's displaying routing/navigation data

I have a vague recollection the Raymarine displays didn't like not having xte, whereas Exp uses the xte from the previous to the active mark rather than some random position where you started the computer.

So, it may help to have a previous mark in the route.


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