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5/11/2021 1:36 pm  #1

Start time, time to gun

Problems when I set start times, the time shown in the expedition automatically sets itself to 5 minutes start time regardless of my setting. The system connected to B&G H5000 H. The time on the mast shows the set while in expedition it is wrong. If I run expedition in simulated mode without a connection to B&G, it works well. I experience it as if when I set the time (countdown to start) to start (regardless of time choice), the expedition always returns to start the countdown from 5 minutes. Does anyone have any suggestions for setting that need to be changed // Per


5/11/2021 5:51 pm  #2

Re: Start time, time to gun

Is this setting the timer in the H5000 or in Exp?


5/11/2021 9:25 pm  #3

Re: Start time, time to gun

Hi Nick, thanks for the quick reply.
I set the time in Exp to get the time on other displays/systems. If, for example, I were to set the time to 3 minutes then two seconds after start, the main time jumps back to 5 minutes start time in Exp, not in H5000. Have run Exp independently and then it seems to work. Experiences it as if Exp sends the signal to H5000 but in the same second receives or sends a new signal. Probably I've made some crazy setting somewhere that I can not find. Exp and H5000 updated. I have never experienced this problem before.

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5/11/2021 9:37 pm  #4

Re: Start time, time to gun

There is an option in the H5000 connection settings in Exp to either send or receive start information.

The timer is a little limited at the B&G end I recall. May be to the nearest minute.


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