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5/05/2021 12:11 pm  #1

H5000 webserver connection...

Before I spend time trying to make it work...
Does the H5000 websocket now support sending nav data (wpts) and starts?

I remember a few years ago? the support was coming soon in the next H5000 firmware update.
I don't remember if the support had been confirmed.


5/06/2021 1:01 pm  #2

Re: H5000 webserver connection...

IFAIK not yet...

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5/07/2021 2:18 am  #3

Re: H5000 webserver connection...

Is there a good way to push Navico on this?
It feels like this has been missing on their end for years now.

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5/07/2021 6:30 pm  #4

Re: H5000 webserver connection...

I thought B&G had implemented some of it, but don't recall the details.


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