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5/04/2021 4:13 pm  #1

Actisense NGT-1 Problem

I have an NGT-1 connected to the N2K backbone on a boat with an H5000.

I am generally getting GPS and AIS on the NGT-1, and everything else on the websocket.

This seems to work okay.

However, if I try to get everything - all the H5000 data -  on the NGT-1, i have a problem with BSP. Every so often, there is a 0.0 value for BSP. It can be 10 or more seconds for a 0.0, or there can be two or three within 5 seconds.

All the other H5000 numbers appear to be fine - no 0 values.

Any ideas what this could be?

I am worried that the NGT-1 is defective.


5/04/2021 4:19 pm  #2

Re: Actisense NGT-1 Problem

It is more likely there is a node on the network that is putting out bsp=0.


5/04/2021 5:56 pm  #3

Re: Actisense NGT-1 Problem

That never occurred to me

I guess maybe one of the Actisense network analysis tools might help diagnose this?

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5/04/2021 6:12 pm  #4

Re: Actisense NGT-1 Problem

It could be. I think I have heard of this before from H5000, but don't recall what it was. Maybe a port/starboard paddle.

Yes, the Actisense logging will tell you where it is coming from.

The websocket is probably best for H5000 data anyway.


5/05/2021 4:23 am  #5

Re: Actisense NGT-1 Problem

there is only one paddlewheel

i will check with the diagnostic tool next time i am on the boat

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