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3/31/2021 10:44 pm  #1

Start mark pings from tablet to nav PC

Hello, moving this discussion to a more appropriate board.Recently I set up a windows tablet running Expedition for use on a deck connected via a WiFi Expedition UDP network to a hardwired PC at the nav station.

I have position data and marks communicating between the two systems properly and I can initiate a start timer from the tablet, I am running into a problem when I ping the start line marks on the tablet it does not update the marks on the PC.

Is there a way to enable it so that if I ping a start mark on the tablet it updates the mark location on the nav station PC or vice versa?Any recommendations or suggestions?


3/31/2021 10:54 pm  #2

Re: Start mark pings from tablet to nav PC

It only exchanges data (and can receive from ventus etc). Will add it to the work-list ...


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