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4/27/2016 3:00 am  #1

Exp to H5000

Does anyone know the steps to take to get the Alternating Numbers to display on the B&G Graphic Display?
I have one page set up a 1 over 1 but the list on the GD doesn't seem to have a choice for external except for CAN bus voltage.
I can display the numbers in the number box but am struggling with the next step.


4/27/2016 10:03 am  #2

Re: Exp to H5000

I presume you have an HLink connection to the H5k system? And that you have the Performance level package? You cannot write remote channels on lower level software versions.

The remote channels can be pulled up under the EXTERNAL menu. Maybe try just sending a fixed number (target spd for example) and check that you have functionality, then switch to an alternating channel.

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4/27/2016 1:14 pm  #3

Re: Exp to H5000

I thought the functionality had been extended to the Hercules level processors, but obviously you need a recent version of the H5 software in it.


4/27/2016 4:29 pm  #4

Re: Exp to H5000

Campbell, where is the  "fixed number" you speak of, or what is the exact label in Exp? I'm not sure if it's HLink (are there other connectors?), it is a usb on the PC end. I am able to send waypoints from Exp to the Zeus 12T so they are talking at some level

Nick, I'm not sure of the H5000 level but the owner has the latest software upgrade and we'll install it this w/e  I think I'll see the level in the process

Thanks guys,

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4/27/2016 6:13 pm  #5

Re: Exp to H5000

I suspect you have a Hydra/NMEA 0183 connection to Exp as you can send waypoints.
 This is not HLink and you can't send external channels over Hydra sorry.


4/28/2016 4:34 pm  #6

Re: Exp to H5000

We have both the 0183 and a N2k connection on two separate com ports is the N2K what you refer to as the HLink?

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4/28/2016 6:04 pm  #7

Re: Exp to H5000

HLink is a B&G protocol, different to NMEA 0183 and 2000.

It is only available on Performance and (I think) Hercules level processors.


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