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4/22/2016 5:37 am  #1


Moved PC to boat
tried to optimize and get "unable to sail from mark or position"
created new route in middle of atlantic...same
any ideas??


4/22/2016 6:30 am  #2

Re: Ideas?

If your boat is still in the harbor while giving this error it might be that the boat needs to go over land to leave the harbor to your defined mark.
If you are using C-map you should uncheck "avoid c-map land"  under Settings/Opt Routing


4/22/2016 6:48 am  #3

Re: Ideas?

Thanks ZZ
I unplugged the feed from the H5000 and all was well.
Is there a way to tell exp to ignore the GPS? I tried going to Simulate mode but the sim and gps positions flickered back and forth.

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4/22/2016 7:07 am  #4

Re: Ideas?

I have no experience with that Ernie.


4/22/2016 1:13 pm  #5

Re: Ideas?

You have probably told Exp to do the routing from the boat's current position.


4/28/2016 4:37 pm  #6

Re: Ideas?

That was it.  I actually had the boat 'trapped' in a previously created 'race note' that included the marina. ooops!

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