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3/05/2021 7:56 am  #1

Organisation of a large number of routes

when running routes for ensemble weather models or when carrying out multiple runs with historic grib files the number of routing results quickly gets large.

1) To quickly select and deselect a selection of routes it would be good if a range of routes could be selected by shift+click (or by dragging a square over the routes when just having a tablet to remote control Expedition). This whole range of routes could then be just drawn/undrawn with the checkbox or deleted with one click instead of point clicking every single of them.
In fact a square can already be drawn on the routes in routing summary but without any effect.

2) It would be great if the routing results could be organised in a folder tree with nameable folders to keep a better overview of different routing options. That way one could quickly store away routes that might be worthwhile to look at at a later stage again without having all routing options on display in one large group.
This folder tree could sit just left of the routing summary window: https://ibb.co/hV3TtVr

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3/05/2021 1:07 pm  #2

Re: Organisation of a large number of routes

we had a thread about this a while back...

a "select all" and "deselect all"  button would be nice

I wonder if that kind of folder organization is compatible with the .dat file that is used now to store routes.

I think a big help would also be some way of saving and opening routes or groups of routes from within the program. Now, I do it by saving the .dat file, but this is clumsy, and greatly limits what can be done with routes when you have them in multiple .dat files

another issue is that there is no way within the program to overwrite the current .dat file to save routes while you are working - if exp crashes, the routes are lost. i often close and re-start the program occasionally, if i have a lot of routes.



3/05/2021 1:47 pm  #3

Re: Organisation of a large number of routes

I will add it to the list of things to think about, but am committed on other projects for at least the next month.


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