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3/04/2021 1:56 pm  #1

11.8.2 Rainviewer crashing app

Updated to 11.8.2, noted these issues.
Refresh Rainviewer causes application to freeze and crash.
Using CMAP base or AUSENC charts.
Tried zoomed in and zoomed out, loaded 6 of 6 frames then blank charts, spinning wheel of doom, app closes.
Tried system restore "delete display states" same issue.  Tried the "clear chart and image db" option also.
Rebooted pc and restarted app - same.
Region - Port lincoln/Kangaroo Island South Australia.
Windows 10, 64 bit
Also noted that observations for South Australia no longer updating or displaying.

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3/04/2021 4:04 pm  #2

Re: 11.8.2 Rainviewer crashing app

I can replicate that for there too. Will fix asap.

Update: It seems to be triggered by bad files from Rainviewer just now.


3/04/2021 4:33 pm  #3

Re: 11.8.2 Rainviewer crashing app

Have fixed both those issues and posted an update.

The Rainviewer data currently won't show as the images seem to have a problem (this is what was causing the crash). Hopefully normal service will resume soon.


3/04/2021 6:17 pm  #4

Re: 11.8.2 Rainviewer crashing app

Thanks Nick!

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3/04/2021 8:30 pm  #5

Re: 11.8.2 Rainviewer crashing app

It turns out the Rainviewer issue is related to some testing of the Bluewater tracking support. Will have to post another update ... sorry.


3/11/2021 7:25 am  #6

Re: 11.8.2 Rainviewer crashing app

Is there a way to hide the rainviewer image again once downloaded and displayed?


3/11/2021 11:18 am  #7

Re: 11.8.2 Rainviewer crashing app

I was thinking about that too.

Have a solution for the next update.

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