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9/28/2020 3:13 pm  #1

ShipModul Miniplex and Heel

Not a question, but just wanted to share some information in case it was of interest to anyone.
I use a Shipmodul Miniplex (3wiN2K) to bridge between NMEA 0183 devices and NMEA 2000. I also use its Wifi capability to connect to Expedition (running on a Toughened IP67 tablet)

I have a B&G GPS Antenna and Compass which can also send Heel and Pitch info over NMEA 2000.  But the heel info wasn't showing up in my Expedition screens.  It should be mapped from an NMEA 2000 PGN (Attitude) to an NMEA 0183 XDR message, but that just was not happening.

I dropped the company an email and they kindly provided me with new beta software version (v2.7.0)  This provides the correct mapping to the XDR statement.  I haven't tried it out yet, hoping to get to it tomorrow.  But great service from a great company with a really powerful and configurable product.


9/28/2020 8:41 pm  #2

Re: ShipModul Miniplex and Heel

The pitch/trim and roll/heel XDR sentences are standard, so it should work. Let me know if there are any issues.


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