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4/18/2016 6:03 am  #1

NKE parameters

great forum!!
I've a question!
In my boat i have nke instrument ( wind, automatic pilot, box usb wifi data log).
Now I can see the wind data, (twa, tws, awa, aws etc ...) , speed (boat speed) Compass .... in short, I can see on expedition all data that is transmitted to the network from nke
I can not transmit from expedition to Nke.
For example I cannot transmit the route data to the pilot
If I would like to follow the route from the nke pilot exporting via nmea way point or route (or wifi) how can I do it?
thank you


4/18/2016 6:59 am  #2

Re: NKE parameters

Can you send performance data from Exp to NKE?
In my NKE system I can perfectly send performance data (e.g. Target speed and angle, %VMG etc).  I'm not familiar with data for the pilot,  but if you cannot send performance data then the first thing to solve is the network communication. 
For the network communication in exp I use UDP  Tx&Rx as the connection.
The port should be 50000
Then I use as the address which should be correct for you as well when using the NKE Wifi box.   Initially I used  (the IP address of the wifi box),  but my connection for sending data (receiving had no issues) proved more stable when using the subnet broadcast address


4/18/2016 7:08 am  #3

Re: NKE parameters

I can't send anything...Now I use
The next we I'lltry with this setting and I ll give you a feed back.

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4/18/2016 7:22 am  #4

Re: NKE parameters

Yes, try
Also, in the Expedition settings I have checked "RMB" to be send  (under the NKE settings button).

In addition to this you need to initialize you NKE wifi box for the new channels send by Expedition.
Before I explain how to do this I need to know:
- do you have Exp indeed only by Wifi connected to the NKW wifi box?
- Are there other sources feeding data to the NKE wifi box  (e.g. do you have an AIS that sends data via wired NMEA)?



4/18/2016 7:47 am  #5

Re: NKE parameters

exp is only connected to nke to the wifi box ( the new wifibox box usb catalog wifi) 
I have an ais 

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4/18/2016 7:48 am  #6

Re: NKE parameters

the exact name of the new wifi box nke is box usb datalog wifi

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4/18/2016 11:24 am  #7

Re: NKE parameters

OK, that is a different box than I have.  I have this one:

So please check if the IP address of your box is still   If not, then please substitute the new IP address in my comments above, only replace the last number with 255.

Also, for your model you should check how to initialize the box for new NMEA channels. (I dont see a manual only on the NKE site yet).
I first cleared all NMEA channel (on my box: pressing 'init' for 3 seconds and then switch off power).  Then I initialized for the wired NMEA channels  (had my PC shut disconnected from the wifi first) by pressing 'init' for 3 seconds.  In my case this would add the channels for AIS.
Then I connected my PC via wifi and ensured Expediton was running and sending out performance data + waypoint data.   Then I pressed the 'init' for 6 seconds and the new channels from Expedition were added and I could make them visible on the mast displays.

But please check how initialization works for you model wifi box first.


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8/20/2020 4:43 pm  #8

Re: NKE parameters

so i am getting on a boat with NKE, and am having trouble connecting
the boat has an nke wifi box
should i use "UDP to IP address"?

It's weird - exp sometimes gets some data - but it's spotty, and it doesn't seem to know how to interpret it

for example - i am getting position (the boat is located on the chart), but not heading. the weird thing is that even when i definitely have position.., and an active mark.., exp will not compute a bearing/range to the mark - those boxes are blank in the numbers boxes...

any ideas?

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8/20/2020 4:57 pm  #9

Re: NKE parameters

That can be a symptom of an obsolete world magnetic model


8/20/2020 5:32 pm  #10

Re: NKE parameters

the boat laptop has an old version.., and it does display the warning about the old magnetic model.

my laptop  - with current version of exp - couldn't connect at all.., but i might not have been using the right IP

should I use UDP to IP Address?  The boat computer is set up to use UDP TX RX - but that's not available in new versions of exp.

it seems there are two ip#'s i should try - and

port 50000?

TX on port +1?



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