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7/26/2020 11:53 pm  #1


I recently found openseamap.org
I really like it as it’s pretty detailed in Europe, and I regularly go to lakes and rivers which are either bad in C-Map or I have to buy another area just for that.

I have found they have some downloads, but again they only cover part of Europe.

Is there any way I can get their online map or get that data over to Exp?


7/27/2020 3:16 am  #2

Re: Openseamap

I haven't tried them, but they say they have BSB (.kap) charts.


7/27/2020 8:08 am  #3

Re: Openseamap

If anyone has tried this and made it work with Expedition, let us know - I for one would be very interested.  The charts seem reasonably good and cover the west of Ireland which is what I am looking for.


7/27/2020 1:33 pm  #4


7/27/2020 2:40 pm  #5

Re: Openseamap

Also, many of the European Inland waterways are available as ENCs, see the Exp charting web page.


7/28/2020 12:04 am  #6

Re: Openseamap

Hmm for some reason I’m not getting notifications about answers. Good thing I come here a lot!

Yes I found the bsb files. For some reason they have not packaged all of Europe in them. Naturally the missing part is what I need.

Does MBTiles work?

Also, they say they have world coverage in B&G format in .at5 files. Can we use that?

On this site they list more formats:

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7/28/2020 1:58 am  #7

Re: Openseamap

Exp doesn't support MBTiles. They are just BSB charts in an SQLite database. NOAA is ceasing RNC production, so they won't be added.


7/28/2020 3:07 am  #8

Re: Openseamap

Are at5 files RNC?

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