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7/06/2020 10:54 pm  #1

Animated wind flow in white color

It's fantastic that Exp now also has a "windy.com" like animated wind flow.    

One drawback: 
I like to set the color of the flow to "white" (like Windy) as this gives the best visibility on top of a spectrum of colors (assuming Exp weather setting is configured to display wind as a spectrum).   I can do this by changing the color for wind 10m to white.  However:  by doing this, the wind graph in the meteogram is no longer visible as it is a white line on a white background.

Can we have the color of the animated windflow configurable under the weather settings (independent of the color of the 10m wind)?

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7/07/2020 2:54 am  #2

Re: Animated wind flow in white color

Done for the next update. It does look better, thanks.


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