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6/29/2020 4:32 am  #1

Erasing optimum route

I have a problem. I go to erase the optimum route and it is greyed out. So back plan if I can't fix it, is to download a new version. So I have 11.1.3 loaded. Maybe I did this wrong but I went into downloads and dragged the new version of Expedition on top of the Expedition program. Before I tried this I went to licences but could not figure out which one to put the program.
  I did not fix my problem of the greyed out (erase button) in optimum routes? What do I need to do to solve this?  Thanks in advance.

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6/29/2020 12:38 pm  #2

Re: Erasing optimum route

That button (Clear) should only be disabled if there are no optimal routes. You could also restart Exp with have the "Load previous optimal routes at startup" deselected


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