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6/21/2020 11:32 am  #1

C-Map Max PC

Is C-Map Max the correct charting PC charts for expedition? In the C-Map website they don't mention Expedition as compatible. Can some one confirm this will work and this is the right name to ask for.  I am looking for Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, NA-Y932.
There some on the internet as C-Map Max N+ NA-Y-932. Don't know what there are? Are they compatible? Who is a good place to buy this from? There is lots of confusion out there of who, what, when, why, and where?

On side note, I have from 2006-7, a C-Map Max Nt+ the PC Planner (release 10) on one DVD and other DVD I have C-Map NT + /PC Selector. I could not integrate with Expedition. It says works with 98, 95, and me. Maybe just out of date?  Thanks for your time if one responds.


6/21/2020 3:00 pm  #2

Re: C-Map Max PC

The old NT+ charts are end of life. The MAX charts EOL has been postponed to the end of 2021.

I don't think you can buy the old NT+ charts now. If you are looking at C-Map charts on SD cards, C-Map doesn't sell the readers any longer.

The options therefore are MAX from CD (with or without a dongle) or 4D. The 4D charts are online. For new C-Map users in Expedition, the 4D charts are recommended. I think Expedition will be the only PC Software to be able to offer 4D.

Of course, for most of Lake Huron, you can use the official and free NOAA ENCs and RNCs. The Canadian ENCs are available for a charge, see the Expedition Charts web page.


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