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5/08/2020 6:15 am  #1

Upgrading to Version 11

I think the time has come to upgrade to version 11 (from 10)

But I have a few questions;

first, does the licence cover both charting versions?

second, I currently have Proudman CS3 12km for Europe, is there an upgrade path to CS20, other than paying the full priice of course?

Finally, the Proudman tidal products are said on the site to be valid until 2020, what happens to them after that?



5/08/2020 12:25 pm  #2

Re: Upgrading to Version 11

Yes, it covers both charting types.

The Proudman 1.8km is a different product from them, so there isn't an upgrade path sorry.

The Proudman data has been updated recently, I have fixed the 2020 note on the web site.



5/08/2020 11:01 pm  #3

Re: Upgrading to Version 11


On the same note is there any upgrade route to C-Map 4D that saves costs?

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