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2/15/2020 10:08 pm  #1

Best chart options for South Pacific / Tahiti

Hello all

Just wanted to get some opinions on the best resource for charts for the South Pacific and Tahiti for Expedition.

We are preparing for the Transpac Tahiti 2020 race, and want to know the best way to access charts.  I think that C-Map is the best way to go, but wanted to check here first on what you think.  We have not yet loaded Expedition with C-maps but will if it is the best way to go.

Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance,



3/04/2020 7:26 pm  #2

Re: Best chart options for South Pacific / Tahiti

The c-map 4d charts look pretty good as you get both raster and vector charts and sat pics. The raster charts seem to be mostly French charts.
Strictly speaking the ENC charts for the area would be best to have to be up to date but I have not yet explored these.
My experience of the pacific is that you have to be very careful with big differences between charts.  I will also take up to date official paper charts for Tahiti race. Cheers,  Will.


3/04/2020 8:26 pm  #3

Re: Best chart options for South Pacific / Tahiti

Thank you Will.
I appreciate the input.  I did go ahead with the c-map 4d and like you said, they look pretty good.  I was not able to find a source for RNCs or ENCs, but should be good to go with the 4D.  I do also have all the up to date paper charts as you recommended.
Thanks again,

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3/04/2020 9:01 pm  #4

Re: Best chart options for South Pacific / Tahiti

Hi, Starting point for the Vector ENCs is generally 
Use the digital catalogue to pick the charts you want.[/url]

I organised a 3 month subscription for a boat a while back with the AHO and this worked well as they only needed the charts for a limited period of time.


3/05/2020 1:49 am  #5

Re: Best chart options for South Pacific / Tahiti

Another common ENC option is Chartworld.

4D is much easier though from a user pov though.


3/05/2020 1:49 pm  #6

Re: Best chart options for South Pacific / Tahiti

if you are using paper charts in the pacific.., be sure you check the chart datum - i mean the geodetic datum, not the depth datum.
it may not be wgs84.., which is probably what your gps is set to


3/05/2020 4:09 pm  #7

Re: Best chart options for South Pacific / Tahiti

Further to Nick's comments, I just went and registered with Chartworld and then, using only the Expedition user permit, was able to purchase and download several charts for Tahiti. You also receive a PERMIT.TXT file and I imported this and it all seemed very easy. My other ENC charts remain. You can buy charts for a minimum of 3 months and this might be the solution to up to date charts for key areas...


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