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1/28/2020 11:30 pm  #1

How to update ENC charts?


I have some enc chart for hongkong. following is the folder:

expedition read them, and have a revised property, is 02/02/2018


Now, I got much update form chart provider, hongkong gov provider over 20 updates for one year. and I need get 3 years updates. the folder for on update like this:


My question is How expedition to read those updates? 

option 1: copy the update files to base ENC_ROOT folder.   It is seemly working, because the expedition show different revised property. but the ENC_ROOT will big and unmanageable. 
option 2: May I just let expedition search the ENC_ROOT folder for updates?
option 3: Is there some folder structure rule to let expedition to understand the updates?

Who can help me?  Thanks  https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/confused.png



1/28/2020 11:52 pm  #2

Re: How to update ENC charts?

ENC data is normally issued as base data and update data. Most providers issue a new set of Base data every 6 or 12 months. The AusENC issue a complete set of new Base data every 6 months for example.

When you get new Base data, you can and probably should clear all the old data.

Is the new data a new issue of Base data or updates?

If a new issue of Base data, you can delete the old data, clear the Expedition ENC chart database and rebuild the chart database with the new data.

If just updates, you can copy them to the computer and tell Exp to search them. Remember to retain the same directory structure as you received them.

You should never merge folders under any circumstance.


1/28/2020 11:56 pm  #3

Re: How to update ENC charts?

As an example, for AusENCs, I maintain a folder for the Base data and a separate folder for the updates.

When the Base data is updated every 6 months, I delete all the old data in both folders and copy and tell Expedition to search the new Base data folder.

The AusENCs are updated every 2 weeks and 2 weekly or cumulative data. To save missing anything, I delete all the update data and download the cumulative update, then tell Exp to search the Update Folder.

It might be worth reading the Expedition help on ENC management.


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