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12/01/2019 5:05 am  #1

ARC 2019 - YB Tracking integration/ranking

Hello - I'm writing from TILT from the atlantic competing in the ARC 2019 IRC race.
We are struggling to integrate the YB Tracking feature of expedition. 
We are able to download, see a list of boat (without handicap) - but we are unable to get them to appear on the chart. Is there a step by step guide on how to use this feature (or a work around) and do some fleet routing.

Thank you.


12/01/2019 11:24 am  #2

Re: ARC 2019 - YB Tracking integration/ranking

See the Exp help Racing/Tracking, also Display settings.

Make sure you have your boat selected as the reference boat and you have told Exp to plot the boats on the chart. See the display settings and also the boats database window


12/01/2019 12:36 pm  #3

Re: ARC 2019 - YB Tracking integration/ranking

Try the things Nick suggests and you can try this:
under Sail/Boats click Auto Colour
look around where you think other boats are see if you see some multi coloured dots.  If so wait a couple hours and  then update the YB Tracking and those dots will turn into lines. The first time you do the YB download you just get a black dot for each boat; extremely hard to see.
Good luck,

A second trick is to go to the Weather tab, click Now then click the arrow pointing left to count the time back sometimes the YB data appears as it may be a few hours old.


12/02/2019 1:07 am  #4

Re: ARC 2019 - YB Tracking integration/ranking

Thank you Nick and Ernie. We are loving Expedition!
Problem fixed - it was the reference boat requirement.
I also worked out how to route competitors by adding their polars.

Thanks again.

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